Preparation / processing of special powder metallurgy and composite materials The fifth academic conference came to a successful conclusion

In 2020, the fifth academic conference on special powder metallurgy and composite material preparation / processing has come to a successful conclusion. The conference was held by nonferrous metals society, Youyan technology group, Hefei University of technology, Central South University and other units, and organized by Youyan Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., State Key Laboratory of powder metallurgy, School of material science and engineering of Hefei University of technology, and North MCC Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. academician Cao Chunxiao, Professor Zheng Lei and Kang Yixian were invited Prof. Zhang Jiuxing and other experts in the industry. The conference summarized the development of non-ferrous metal industry, and studied and judged the development trend of the industry.

On the morning of December 25, the conference was ceremoniously opened in the banquet hall on the first floor of century Jinyuan hotel in Hefei.


Figure 1. Opening speech by Professor Zheng Lei and others


Figure 2. Mr. Kang Yi's summary and judgment on the development of Nonferrous Metals Industry


Figure 3. Academician Cao Chunxiao's report on the development trend of aeroengine materials


Figure 4. Yao bin, general manager of Shanghai Haoyue Electric Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting

On December 26, the SPS technology conference was held in Yunnan hall, third floor, century Jinyuan hotel.


Figure 5. Related report by Professor Zhao Zhankui of Changchun University of Technology


Fig. 6. Study on Ti Zr Cu PD Sn powder sintered by SPS


Fig. 7. Research on SPS sintering mechanism


Fig 8. After the meeting, Yao bin, general manager of Shanghai Haoyue (left), Liu Weiqiang, Beijing University of Technology (Center) and Deng Shenghua, Jiangxi University of Technology (right) took a group photo

According to the market demand, Haoyue technology continues to research and develop, improve technology, launch vacuum hot pressing equipment and SPS equipment with excellent performance, and provide corresponding technical support to assist the relevant development of China's non-ferrous metallurgy and composite materials, and provide corresponding technical consultation and solutions for the heat treatment process of the industry.

SPS machine (3).jpg

Equipment of Haoyue SPS

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