The Development And Application Of SPS At Home And Abroad

SPS technology is directly heated in the pulsed current between the powder particles for sintering, so in some literature is also known as plasma activated sintering or plasma-assisted sintering (plasmaactivatedsintering-PAS or plasma-assistedsintering-PAS). As early as 1930, American scientists proposed the principle of pulse current sintering, but it was not until 1965 that pulse current sintering was applied in the United States, Japan and other countries. Japan obtained the patent of SPS technology, but at that time, it failed to solve the problem of low production efficiency of the technology and so the SPS technology was not popularized and applied.

In 1988, Japan developed the first industrial SPS device and promoted it in the field of new material research. After 1990, Japan introduced the third generation of SPS, which can be used for industrial production, with sintering pressure of 10 ~ 100t and pulse current of 5000 ~ 8000A. Recently, a large-scale SPS device with a pressure of 500 tons and a pulse current of 25000 A was developed. In recent years, many foreign universities and research institutes have been equipped with SPS sintering system in succession, and research and development of new materials by using SPS have been carried out due to the advantages of SPS technology such as rapidity, low temperature and high efficiency. In 1998 Sweden purchased the SPS sintering system, and carried out more research work on carbides, oxides, bio-ceramics and other materials.

The past three years have also carried out domestic research using SPS technology to prepare new materials, the introduction of several SPS sintering system, mainly used for sintering nano-materials and ceramic materials. SPS as a new material preparation technology has aroused widespread attention at home and abroad.

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Updated date: 2020-08-25

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