The benefits of vacuum furnace

The benefits of vacuum furnace

Daily maintenance of the vacuum furnace:

1. For the air pump with the function of gas town, it should be checked before the daily opening and 30 minutes to open according to the need to remove the water in the pump oil.

2. Always check the cooling water, compressed air, hydraulic system pressure and cooling water flow.

3. The rubber seals and flange faces of the vacuum furnace door should be inspected before the gate is closed. There should be no sand and debris. Wipe the rubber seal and flange surface with a thousand net stretch cloth, and evenly apply vacuum. The door can be closed after the grease.

4. The workpiece must be cleaned before being processed in the furnace. After oil quenching, the oil on the material frame and the carrier parts that have been immersed in oil should be cleaned.

5, air-cooled motor is generally a common motor, can not be activated under vacuum, must be inflated before starting and should have electrical interlock protection device protection.

6, Roots pump should be activated at a vacuum above 133Pa, and should also be protected by electrical interlock protection.

In addition, for pipelines with compressed air, the drain valve should be opened every day to release stagnant water. Always pay attention to whether the temperature of the inlet and outlet water of the cooling water is normal. Check whether there are local temperature abnormalities in the parts such as the touch electrode joint, the vacuum furnace door, and the transformer cooling water pipe.

Advantages of the vacuum furnace:

1) The oxidation and decarburization of the surface of the workpiece during heating are completely eliminated, and a clean surface without a deteriorated layer can be obtained. This is highly relevant for the improvement of the cutting performance of the tool that only grinds one side during sharpening (such as the twisted surface of the grooved surface directly exposed to the cutting edge after the twist drill is ground).

2) No pollution to the environment, no need to carry out three waste treatment.

3) Vacuum furnace temperature measurement and monitoring accuracy are significantly improved. The indicated value of the thermocouple and the furnace temperature reached ±1.5 °c. However, the temperature difference between different parts of the workpiece in the furnace is large. If the lean gas is used for forced circulation, it can still be controlled within the temperature range of ±5 °c.

4) High degree of mechatronics. On the basis of the improvement of temperature measurement and control precision, workpiece movement, air pressure adjustment, power adjustment, etc. can be pre-programmed, and quenching and tempering are carried out according to the steps.

5) The energy consumption is significantly lower than that of the salt bath furnace. The modern and advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber is made of high-quality insulation materials and insulation walls and barriers, which can concentrate the electric heating energy in the heating room, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.

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