1700C Lifting Furnace

The elevator adopts reliable integrated circuit, good working environment, anti-interference, the highest temperature of the furnace shell temperature ≤ 45 ℃, greatly improving the working environment, microcomputer program control, programmable curve, automatic heating / cooling, the control panel is equipped with intelligent temperature regulator, control power switch, main heating work /Stop button, voltmeter, ammeter, computer interface, so as to observe the working state of the system at any time.

  • Technical Features

    1. All thermal materials are assembled with lightweight porous alumina brick products, and corundum support load-bearing design is adopted in the structure, without cracking and roof collapse.

    2. The furnace adopts special stepped convex concave seal, which has good sealing performance.

    3. Corundum mullite material is used for bearing plate, and corundum mullite pipe is embedded at the bottom to strengthen the support, which can more effectively bear the load and prevent the bearing plate from sinking.

    4. The burning table can be moved out by electric or manual, which is convenient for loading and unloading products and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

    5. The equipment adopts intelligent PLC control to realize the automation of each operation. Save a lot of labor time.

    6. The temperature control system adopts imported instrument control, and the instrument has its own PID adjustment, so as to improve the stability and accuracy of temperature control.

    7. The top of furnace is equipped with automatic cooling device, which can shorten the cooling time.

    8. Different process gases and mixed gases (argon, nitrogen and various mixed gases) can be added according to process requirements.

  • Type Furnace size(diameter x length) mmMaximum temperature (℃)Working temperature (℃)Dimensions(W x H x L) mmTemperature control instrumentHeating elementMaximum processing power (kw)Holding power of empty furnace (kw)
    HMF1700-50/50/100-BL500x500x1000170016001900X2450X28000HMI+PLCSilicon molybdenum rod8040
    HMF1700-55/65/120-BL550x650x1200170016002000X2650X3000HMI+PLCSilicon molybdenum rod9045
    HMF1700-70/60/70-BL700x600x700170016001600X2650X1600HMI+PLCSilicon molybdenum rod4525
    HMF1700-55/75/96-BL550x750x960170016001650X2850X2000HMI+PLCSilicon molybdenum rod6030
  • Application

    As a periodic production furnace, the elevator furnace (sintering furnace) is specially designed for the pre sintering and sintering of electronic ceramic components, magnetic materials, ceramic materials, nano powder and other products, as well as the sintering process of special ceramic components in protective atmosphere. It can also meet the annealing process of high temperature sintering Sapphire and quartz products with ITO target. With the characteristics of stable temperature control, uniform temperature, large output and energy saving, the kiln is very suitable for mass production of enterprises

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