450℃ High Temperature Oven
The electric oven adopts the new heating technology of energy saving and environmental protection. The electric heating pipe is heated by the power supply to generate heat source. When it is absorbed by the heating object, it can be directly transformed into heat energy, so as to obtain the rapid drying effect, shorten the production cycle, save energy and improve the product quality. The circulating fan installed on the upper part of the oven sends the cold air to the electric heating element installed in the electric heating chamber for heating as hot air, which is sent to the drying materials after air distribution by the air regulating plate. After exchanging with the materials, the waste gas carrying a large amount of moisture and waste heat is discharged into the external atmosphere (moisture discharge) through the moisture outlet, and the other part enters the circulating fan through the air inlet for recycling, so as to make full use of the waste heat
  • Technical Features

    1. Material: SPCC steel plate is used on the outside and baked with powder paint after antirust treatment, and Sus stainless steel plate is used inside;

    2. Motor: high temperature resistant long shaft motor;

    3. Wind wheel: powerful multi wing wind wheel;

    4. Sealing: silica gel sealing;

    Over temperature protection system: 5;

    6. Circulation mode: forced horizontal air supply circulation, special air circuit design, uniform heating temperature;

    7. Temperature control mode: PID + SSR SCR;

    8. Temperature range: RT (room temperature) + 20 ℃ - 850 ℃;

    9. Temperature controller: PID microcomputer control, PV / SV display at the same time, key setting, temperature to time, time to cut off heating;

    10. The material of the storage plate is sus stainless steel, which is divided into strip type and round hole type, and the standard configuration is strip type;

  • TypeLoading methodWorking zone(WxHxL)mmExternal sizeQty of  InterlayerPower(kw)Note
    HMF450-40/45/40single door400×450×400800×1200×75024.5Laboratory 实验用
    HMF450-50/60/50single door500×600×500900×1380×89026Laboratory 实验用
    HMF450-60/90/60single door600×900×6001000×1630×930412Laboratory 实验用
    HMF450-80/100/80single door800×1000×8001200×1730×930415Industrial 工业用

  • Application

    It is used in general baking process, aging test of various electronic components, plastic and chemical products, high temperature stress relief requirements, development of industrial parts, quality management and other related normative fields.

  • Main components
    U-shaped heating pipe


    Hot air circulating fan


    Load carrier (SUS304 material): can be set as required:2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers, etc


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