950c Rotary furnace

Rotary furnace is a kind of thermal equipment for calcining, roasting or drying granular and powdery materials.

Rotary furnace as a conventional kiln has existed for hundreds of years, but it is large or super large, mainly used in the primary rough processing of powder or mineral materials, such as the sintering and calcination of cement clinker, the preparation of titanium dioxide from kaolin, the processing of rare earth industry, etc. Although the output is large, there are some disadvantages, such as large temperature difference, low temperature control accuracy, unable to seal and achieve accurate atmosphere control.

  • Technical Features

    The rotary furnace is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, supporting device and sealing device. The rotary furnace of our company adopts a new type of lifting plate, which has many functions, such as guiding, current sharing and lifting, with low energy consumption and high output

  • Type Furnace size(diameter x length) mmMaximum temperature (℃)Working temperature (℃)Dimensions(W x H x L) mmTemperature control instrumentHeating elementMaximum processing power (kw)Holding power of empty furnace (kw)
    HTF950-60/400-Rφ600×40009509001600×1650×6800HMI+PLCResistance wire9045
    HTF950-90/1200-Rφ900×120009509002500×1890×15800HMI+PLCResistance wire200100
  • The rotary kiln is used for calcining powder materials. Adopting external heating mode, the rotation speed, inclination angle, feeding speed and atmosphere in the roller can be adjusted, and the furnace temperature can be controlled automatically. The integral support structure can be lifted and transported as a whole.

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