Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace

Controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing furnace system is mainly used for continuous brazing of aluminum water tank, oil cooler, intercooler, warm air, tube and belt condenser, evaporator, parallel flow condenser, cascade evaporator, power station air cooler and other workpieces in nitrogen atmosphere.

  • Technical Features

    Horizontal, single chamber structure design, square or circular heating chamber structure;

    Vacuum regulation anti pollution and online replacement technology;

    The air cooling system can adopt built-in fan or external circulation fan;

    Magnesium remover: grid type water-cooled copper tube, copper fin structure, effectively prevent the magnesium oxide powder generated in the welding process from entering the vacuum pump, protect the vacuum system;

    Heating element with patented structure;

    Leakage proof electrode device with patent structure;

    The temperature thermocouple feeding device with patented structure.

  • Typ Heating Zone size(mm)Capacity(kg)Heating ElmentHeating Power(KW)Max Temp(℃)Temp.Unifomity(±℃)Max.Vacuum(Pa)Pressure rise rate(Pa/h)
  • Application

    It is mainly used for brazing aluminum parts in protective atmosphere. It is mainly composed of flux sprayer, electric drying furnace, brazing furnace, water cooling and air cooling device, atmosphere control system and automatic control system. It is suitable for mass production of aluminum radiators such as parallel flow condenser, cascade evaporator and automobile water tank.

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