Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly used for continuous bright annealing, solid solution, demagnetization and stainless steel quenching of stainless steel products such as water heating equipment, water expansion parts, pins, medical equipment, stainless steel nails, stainless steel screws, riveting parts, stainless steel bearings, watch case, watch strap, cutting tools, micro shaft, self tapping and self drilling, tableware, etc. under the control of protective atmosphere.

  • Technical Features

    Horizontal (vertical), single chamber structure design, circular heating chamber structure;

    The air cooling system can adopt built-in fan or external circulation fan;

    Pressure rise rate: 0.067-0.67pa/h;

    Vacuum regulation anti pollution and online replacement technology;

    Heating element with patented structure;

    Temperature measuring thermocouple feeding device with patent structure;

    Temperature control thermocouple with patented structure.

  • TypeHeating Zone size(mm)Capacity(kg)Heating ElmentHeating Power(KW)Max Temp(℃)Temp.Unifomity(±℃)Max.Vacuum(Pa)Pressure rise rate(Pa/h)Air cooling pressure(bar)
    VHA-334300x300x400100NiCr / Mo60/80950/130054x10-30.52
    VHA-8812800x800x12001000200/240 950/130054x10-30.52

  • Application

    It can effectively improve the defects and residual stress in the process of casting, forging, rolling or welding, and prevent the deformation and cracking of the workpiece;

    The annealing furnace can also soften the workpiece for cutting and machining;

    The mechanical properties of the workpiece are improved by refining the grain and improving the microstructure;

    It can be prepared for the final heat treatment of quenching and tempering points.

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