Vacuum Tempering Furnace

The heating chamber is mainly of all metal screen structure, with less deformation, small thermal inertia, suitable for low temperature tempering, long service life and easy maintenance. It is easy to install and has low failure rate. There are movable heat insulation doors in the front and back of the furnace, which can be closed when heating to prevent heat loss; when cooling, they can be opened to form a high-pressure air flow channel to accelerate the cooling speed. With convection heating device and rapid cooling device, inert gas can be filled when heating, and the convection heating device can be turned on to realize uniform convection heating in low temperature section and improve work efficiency. The workpiece cooling system can speed up the workpiece cooling and effectively control the deformation. The electric control system adopts PLC and programmable temperature controller to realize full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual control, which is flexible in operation.

  • Technical Features

    Horizontal, single chamber structure design, circular heating chamber structure;

    Low temperature convection heating system;

    When the workpiece is heated at low temperature, start the convection fan in front of the furnace body, and the circulating gas is ejected along the direction of the deflector, forming a forced circulation convection heating in the heating chamber, which can make each temperature point in the effective area close to the same, thus fully improving the heating speed and temperature uniformity of the workpiece;

    Temperature thermocouple feeding device with patented structure;

    Easy to disassemble cylinder sealing mechanism with patent structure.

  • TypeHeating Zone size(mm)Capacity(kg)Heating ElmentHeating Power(KW)Max Temp(℃)Temp.Unifomity(±℃)Max.Vacuum(Pa)Pressure rise rate(Pa/h)Air cooling pressure(bar)
    VHT-334300x300x400100NiCr / Mo24/60700/110054x10-30.52
  • Application

    The equipment is mainly used for high temperature, low temperature tempering and aging of various metal parts, plates and shafts in the relatively sealed cavity after carburizing and quenching

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