V1-17 Multifunctional Furnace For Vacuum Hydrogen Sintering
The vacuum hydrogen sintering integrated furnace is a full metal thermal field vacuum resistance furnace using pure metal tungsten mesh as heating element and pure metal heat shield. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, low pollution and high vacuum, etc. It is mainly used in powder metallurgy products , metal products, ceramic materials, etc. for sintering at high temperature in vacuum or inert protective atmosphere and reducing atmosphere, and can also be used for high temperature heat treatment of metal materials under high vacuum conditions or degassing treatment of precious metal materials.
  • Technical Features

    (1) High cleanliness and vacuum

    The extremely high cleanliness and ultra-high vacuum degree of the all-metal thermal field bring customers the ultimate vacuum and sintering experience, and can obtain high-performance products without pollution.

    (2) Uniform heating, reliable heat insulation and temperature measurement

    Using high-melting metal resistance heating, reasonable heating structure and excellent material to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature under vacuum condition.

    (3) Convenient loading and unloading

    Horizontal design with front-open chamber ensures easy loading and removal of materials.

    (4) Hydrogen combustion system

    Optional equipped with automatic ignition device, anti backfire device and other auxiliary devices to improve the safety of equipment operation.

    (5) Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock

    Adopt computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC safety interlock. It has sound and light alarm and interlock function such as over-pressure, over-temperature and high water temperature. 

  • Multifunctional Furnace of Vacuum Hydrogen Sintering

    ModelVHSw-15/15/15-1700 (V1-17)
    Equipment FormHorizontal
    Loading methodHorizontal side loading
    Heat Area Size150x150x150mm(WxHxL)
    Heating ElementTungsten
    Technical parameters of vacuum sintering (use of vacuum sintering)
    Working Temperature1600℃
    Technical parameters of hydrogen sintering (for hydrogen sintering)
    Working Temperature1650℃
    Ultimate Vacuum8.0×10-4Pa(8.0×10-6 torr)
    Temperature Accuracy±1℃
    Pressure Rising Rate≤2Pa/h
    Control MethodPLC+HMI
    Cooling Water RequirementWater pressure: 0.2~0.3MPa, water flow: 12M3/ h
    Equipment External Dimensions1500x1750x1700mm(WxHxL)
  • Application

    Stainless Steel Bases Cemented Carbide(WC、TiC) 

    High Gravity Alloy(W-Ni-Fe、W-Ni-Cu、W-Ni-Cu-Fe) 

    Magnetic Material(NdFeB、FeO·Fe2O3)

  • HCA-10: Power -380V/3 phase /50HZ, current -18A

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