Haoyue G3 Gas pressure Vertical Sintering Furnace

The pressure furnace is mainly used by enterprises for hot isostatic pressing sintering of ceramics (such as silicon carbide, zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, etc.) and metal materials (such as cemented carbide) under the condition of high pressure protective atmosphere. It is also suitable for pilot production in colleges, universities and scientific research institutions. It is suitable for sintering silicon nitride ceramic balls, ceramic tools and other materials in high pressure nitrogen or argon atmosphere. It is beneficial to increase the sintering density and improve the mechanical properties of the material.

  • Technical Features

    HAOYUE HIP furnace series are designed to integrate the functions of pressure de-waxing, vacuum de-waxing, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, cooling and etc.
    To meet various working process requirements, process gases like Ar, H2, CH4 and N2 could be used to control chamber atmosphere under different pressure and temperature.
    Horizontal design for easy loading, unloading and maintenance. Automatic control during whole process. 

  • G3 Vertical Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace
    Equipment FormVertical
    Loading methodVertical upper loading
    Working SizeΦ300 * 500 mm(Diameter*Height)
    Working Temperature1900ºC
    Temperature Accuracy±1ºC
    Temperature uniformity±5ºC
    Max.Working Pressure9.8MPa
    Max. working pressure9.0MPa
    Heating ElementGraphite
    Max.Vacuum5 Pa(empty furnace, cold state, purified)
    Pressure Rise Rate≤2.0Pa/h(Empty furnace, cold state)
    Cooling MethodNatural cooling or Forced gas cooling
    AtmosphereHigh Purity Nitrogen or Argon
    Control MethodPLC+HMI

  • Application

    Oxide Ceramics

    Transparent Ceramics

    Silicon Nitride

    Cemented Carbide

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