1Mpa Gas pressure Sintering Furnace

Gas pressure sintering means that the sintering process is carried out at low pressure first, then the material is sintered under normal pressure and finally sintered at high pressure (the result is to further increase the fatigue state of the material and quickly eliminate the stress in the material), After the high temperature and high pressure sintering process, the mechanical properties (hardness, strength, toughness, etc.) of the materials are better than those of the ordinary sintering process.

  • Technical Features

    HAOYUE HIP furnace series are designed to integrate the functions of pressure de-waxing, vacuum de-waxing, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, cooling and etc.
    To meet various working process requirements, process gases like Ar, H2, CH4 and N2 could be used to control chamber atmosphere under different pressure and temperature.
    Horizontal design for easy loading, unloading and maintenance. Automatic control during whole process. 

  • 1MPa Gas Pressure Sintering Furnace

    Dimension of usable space300×300×1200mm400×400×1200mm500×500×1800mm
    Max. loading weight500KG600KG1500KG
    Heating power/ Total power240KW/280KW240KW280KW370 KW/410KW
    Max. designing pressure1MPa
    Max. working pressure0.96MPa
    Max. designing temperature1600℃
    Max. working temperature1550℃
    Temperature control3 zones
    High temperature uniformity≤±5℃
    Max. heating up speed (without loading)15℃/min(≤1000℃);10℃/min(1000-1550℃)
    Max. Vacuum≤ 2Pa(2.0×10-2 torr), tested in cold and clean chamber
    Leak rate≤ 2Pa/h, tested in cold and clean chamber
    Wax collecting rate≥98﹪
    Cooling(with loading)(Inlet cooling water ≤30℃, chamber pressure 9bar)From 1450 ℃ to 100℃, 5~7hFrom 1450 ℃ to 100℃, 6~8hFrom 1450 ℃ to 100℃, 8~10h

  • Application

    Oxide Ceramics

    Transparent Ceramics 

    Silicon Nitride 

    Cemented Carbide

  • Trolley
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