S1 Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace
The spark plasma sintering system is one of the most advanced sintering systems in the world today. It is a new type of rapid sintering technology that applies pulse current and axial pressure between two electrodes for powder sintering densification. It has the distinctive characteristics of fast heating rate, short sintering time, controllable structure, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used to prepare metal materials, ceramic materials, composite materials, nano block materials, amorphous block materials, gradient materials.
  • Technical Features

    Rapid heating and cooling, greatly shortening production time and reducing production costs (heating rate can reach 100 ~ 200℃ / min).

    (1)Self-developed high efficiency and energy saving power supply
    Adopting self-developed pulse frequency conversion DC power supply, The current output is stable and the power consumption is greatly reduced, energy saving and environmental protection.

    (2)Precised pressure control system
    Servo valve is used to control the pressure output of the hydraulic cylinder, and the control accuracy can reach 1/1000.

    (3)Advanced temperature measurement system
    Thermocouple and two-color infrared instrument are used to measure the temperature.

    (4)Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock
    Adopting computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC safety interlock. It has sound and light alarm and interlock function such as over-pressure, over-temperature and high water temperature. 

  • S1 Spark Plasma Sintering System



    Equipment Loading Method

    Horizontal side loading



    Output Voltage

    0 ~ 10V

    Output Current

    0 ~ 6000A

    Pulse Control

    ON/1~255ms OFF/1~255ms

    Max. Sintering Temp

    2400℃(The temperature will change according to the resistance of the sintered material)

    Product Diameter


    Mold Diameter


    Open Height


    Z-axis stroke


    Displacement Accuracy


    Max. Pressure


    Pressure Control

    Servo Hydraulic

    Pressure Accuracy


    Pressure method

    Single-way pressure, bottom pressure


    1Pa/8.0×10-3Pa(8.0×10-2/8.0×10-5 torr)Optional

    Pressure Rise Rate

    ≤ 2Pa/h

    Temperature Control and  Measurement

    PLC program temperature control≤1000℃  with K-type thermal couple>1000℃ with infrared thermometer


    High-purity argon or high-purity nitrogen, inflation pressure ≤0.02MPa (adjustable)

    Cooling Water Requirements

    Water pressure 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, 5m3/h

  • Application

    Sintered nanomaterial without significant grain growth

    FGM (Functionally Graded Materials)

    Composite materials

    Innovative carbide metals

    Aluminum and copper alloys as well as intermetallic compounds

    Structural and functional ceramics

    Electronic Materials

    Sputtering target material

    Bioma materials

    Porous materials

    Magnetic materials

  • Graphite mold: for product diameter ≤φ30mm

    HCA-8: Power -380V/3 phase /50HZ, current -15A

    Stripper: HD-1 (1T)

    Mold release agent: HR-55 (550ml)

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