1700℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

This atmosphere furnace is heated by silicon molybdenum rod,the highest temperature can reach 1700 ℃, specially designed for sintering and heat treatment of materials in inert atmosphere and oxidizing atmosphere, it’s suitable for various heat treatment of special ceramics, electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, functional ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, rare earth materials, PTC materials, trichromatic phosphors, polishing powders, metals and other materials. The equipment is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure and easy to use. It is an ideal product for powder sintering, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiment and quality inspection in universities, scientific research institutes and industrial and mining enterprise

  • Technical Features

    (1)Integrated hot press sintering and vacuum sintering in one furnace

    (2)Horizontal design with front-open chamber ensures easy loading and removal of mold.

    (3)Vacuum degree (10^-3 Pa range) and Inert gas (Ar, He, N2) operation.

    (4)Fully automatic operation by PLC and touchscreen HMI.

    (5)Simultaneous temperature and pressure control.

    (6)Temperature control system based on thermocouple and infrared thermometer.

    (7)Safety alarm system for over-pressure and over-temperature.

  • NoTypeVacuum Degree(Pa)Passable gasCapacity(L)working zone(mm)W×H×LLoading methodNote

  • Application

    Powder synthesis and sintering 

    Ceramics sintering 

    High-temperature Test 

    Quality Test 

    Heat Treatment of Metals 

  • Silicon molybdenum rod


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