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Haoyue Technology Service Center, with strong technical force and complete equipment, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of electric furnace.

The company has been focusing on semiconductor materials, carbon materials, advanced ceramics and composite materials, lithium battery materials and new energy equipment four major fields, has accumulated rich industry experience and patented technology, and wholeheartedly serves customers and provides perfect integrated heat treatment solutions.
The company has its own heat treatment center, which is used for process development and testing. We can carry out small series of production, process development and sampling here, which provides guarantee for seamless transition to large-scale product production.

You can watch the operation video of each product in the service center, including the product introduction, so that you can have a more intuitive understanding of our products.

We provide product information download service to make it easier for you to view and forward Haoyue's products.

Office Add: No.1100 Hang Gui Road, Jiading Shanghai

Factory Add: No.8 Hengshan Road, Development Zone Lu'an City, Anhui